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We want to be sensitive to the dangers of Covid 19 but also understand that it’s up to individual businesses to require masks or not.

Some customers have complained about masks so we’d like your help.

Note: This is not a debate about masks in general – we just want to know how our customers feel in our particular store.

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Should Masks Be Required?
Should Masks Be Required?
Should Masks Be Required?

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3 Responses

  1. No one objects to having to wear shoes or shirts so unless there is a medical reason to not wear a mask I don’t understand why in the world you would not want to. It may do nothing or it may protect someone else’s health. It is just a simple socially responsible thing to do.

  2. I think mask should not be required . If a customer wants to wear one. Have at it. As far as staff.. I feel it should be your choice as a business. You have been running a clean business long before this virus. If someone is high risk they should stay home. Or have someone else pick it up for them.

  3. “Some customers have complained about masks.”
    So by that rationale, if I don’t feel comfortable wearing pants or even a shirt or shoes…I shouldn’t have to?
    Not to mention the fact that someone may be a carrier of the virus and not even know it.
    This isn’t about rights or comfort, it’s about protecting people’s health and no one has any right to put others at risk.
    I wish people weren’t so selfish, arrogant and ignorant.

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